Name Gabriela - Meaning and origin

Name Gabriela - Meaning and origin

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Gabriela is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. It is composed of the word "gabar" or "gabri" which means "force" or "hero", and "el", resulting from "Elohim", that is to say "God".


Famous personalities with this name include Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero, Argentinian pianist and singer Gabriela Anders, Belgian singer and actress Gabriela Barros and Italian singer Gabriella Lucia Cilmi.
In the world of sport, we find the professional tenniswoman of Argentine origin Gabriela Sabatini (one of the youngest players to reach the semi-final of Roland Garros) and the champion of biathlon of Czech origin Gabriela Soukalová.
Gabriela comes from the name Gabriel belonging to one of the four archangels, the chiefs of heavenly armies. He is, according to the Bible, a messenger with very special missions. The angel Gabriel is the one who announces to Zechariah and Elizabeth the unexpected birth of their son, John the Baptist, although they are already old. He is also the one who informs the Virgin Mary of the future birth of the baby Jesus. Since 1951, the angel Gabriel is recognized as patron saint of telecommunications by the Roman Catholic Church.

His character :

Gabriela has a strength of character and a formidable obstinacy. Strong and tough in her behavior, she tends to manifest her judgment, not entirely objective, according to her own criteria and always without concession. However, she can also be diplomatic and act thoughtfully.


Gabriel, Gabrielle, Gabriella

His party :

Gabriela is celebrated on September 29th.

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