Guilbert Name Meaning And Origin

Guilbert Name Meaning And Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The first name Guilbert comes from Germanic terms wig and Berht meaning "fight" and "brilliant, illustrious".


No celebrities named Guilbert. Under his Gilbert variant spell, let us quote:

French singer Gilbert Bécaud (1927-2001), French actor Gilbert Levy and Quebec actor Gilbert Lachance.

Born in Auvergne in the late eleventh century, Gilbert participated in the Second Crusade in the company of King Louis VII of France, in 1146. On his return, he decided, by mutual agreement with his wife Péronnelle, to embrace life monastic. He became a monk at the abbey of Neuffonts, which he founded in 1152. Gilbert lived as a hermit all his life and was considered holy after many miracles and cures in the hospital he created to help to lepers. From then Saint Gilbert became the patron saint of Bourbonnais.

His character :

Guilbert is solid and can not be easily manipulated. When he has an idea in his head, it is difficult to change his mind. Calm nature, Guilbert loves tranquility and is distinguished by its ability to keep a self-control even in the worst situations.


Gilbert, Gielbert, Gielbertus, Gilberto, Gilbertus, Gilbrecht, Gillebert, Gisbert, Giselbert, Gisilo ...

His party :

June 7th.

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