Gweltaz Meaning - Origin and Names

Gweltaz Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Gildas, the name Gweltaz comes from Celtic "gwelt" translating as "hair".


Breton rocker-activist, Gweltaz Adeux is also a member of the French rock band EV or Etrevroadel meaning "international".
Gweltaz is a Breton songwriter and performer. He is one of the important figures of Breton music in the 1970s.
Born into a Christian family, Saint Gildas or Gweltaz was educated at a very young age to religion. He became a religious and preached in Ireland and Scotland before coming to Armorica. He settled there as a hermit and founded an abbey at Rhuys. Nicknamed "the Wise", he is known as the author of the sermon De Excidio and Conquestu Britanniae, containing a sermon in the image of those of the prophets of the Old Testament. This epic also tells the story of British history since the Roman Empire.

His character :

Gweltaz is a tender and friendly man. Very sentimental and helpful, he puts the happiness of others before his. With his soul as a pedagogue, he likes to share his knowledge. Smiling and overflowing with good humor, Gweltaz is always a pleasant company. Sensitive in nature, he blossoms when he is surrounded by his family.
Gweltaz is an optimistic person full of joie de vivre. Enemy of monotony, he loves fantasy and change. On the other hand, he appreciates the stability and security that comes with family life.



His party :

The people named Gweltaz are honored on January 29th.

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