Name Hacina - Meaning of origin

Name Hacina - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

In Arabic and Maghreb culture, this feminine first name means "beautiful", "nice" or "appreciated".

In Madagascar, Hasina is a concept of authority and holiness. An individual can be steeped in hasina, which can be increased or diminished depending on his actions, tribute or authority granted to him by others.


Hasina Miya, Nepalese politician.

Ny Hasina Andriamanjato, Malagasy politician.

Hassina Ouchene is a famous Algerian presenter and television journalist.

His character :

Reserved and introverted, Hacina tends to preserve her secret garden and her private life from the curious and stubborn gaze of the people. In the same sense, elitist and timid in her relationships, she sincerely prefers to be alone that poorly accompanied. Rational and pragmatic, she needs to feel reassured and surrounded to move steadily and positively. One can always count on its seriousness as it is altruistic, generous and reliable. Tender and emotional, Hacina is generally receptive to others and feels the need to communicate and share as soon as she knows herself in a supportive environment and feels confident. Persevering and tenacious in their studies, she reaped the praise of her teachers and the fruit of her efforts.


Heseynah, Hasieneh, Heseene, Heseneh, Hesine, Hesineh, Hesene, Hasienah, Heseyneh, Haceena and Heseeneh.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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