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The tale of Princess Kaguya, a poetic but long film

The tale of Princess Kaguya, a poetic but long film

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This is brought to the screen, the story of Princess Kaguya, the most popular tale of Japan. Not sure that little French people can concentrate more than two hours on this film, as rich and poetic as it is.

The story

  • An old lumberjack discovers a tiny princess in the hollow of a bamboo. Astonished, he brings her back to his wife who takes her. The child turns into a baby, then a little girl who grows up, quickly, very quickly. This little girl loves life more than anything else, the earth ... Alas, her adoptive father, who has become rich (bamboo now spits gold coins), decides to give her an education worthy of her rank.
  • Direction the capital, where she learns manners, caligraphy, koto ... Adults she becomes so beautiful, that all pretenders insist on getting her hand. They are also more or less shabby. The Emperor himself - young, handsome and arrogant - finally heard about her ... She fled like all the others.
  • That's when she reveals to her parents her secret: she comes from the moon who gave her what she wanted more than anything: life on earth. But having failed to enjoy it, she will have to return ...

What we think

  • Isao Takahata, the creator of the famous studio Ghibli (with Miyazaki) seizes an extremely popular tale in Japan for this new cartoon. At heart, the eternal question: is life worth living? Just for the beauty of nature, yes. In the film, this nature inspires scenes full of freshness: the baby princess who trudge on the ground, buttocks in the air, is crisp. The drawing, as sketched on the spot, barely watercolor, is very realistic. The little girl head greedily, marveling at everything ... Nature is omnipresent, generous and beautiful. The songs celebrate it too, this first part of the film is very poetic.
  • Is life worth living, At any cost, even with a father who demands a foolish marriage from you? It is here that we enter (after one hour of film) really in the tale inspired by a story of the tenth century, very famous in Japan. His philosophy is almost disturbing today even if, like any fairy tale, you pick it well what you want ... The princess - quite modern - dream of freedom (why would she marry her pretenders more liars than Why would she obey a blind and rigid father?). But suddenly, to ask too much for life, she loses it. This little mermaid of the airs will have to return to live on the Moon while she wanted more than anything to live on the Earth.
  • 2:17 It's long ! Even if you learn a thousand things about Japan, its traditions. Certainly Children Wolf, Japanese masterpiece released in 2012, lasted 1:57 and he captivated many children (and their parents!). Some of Hayao Miyazaki's master's films are approaching two o'clock as well. Conclusion, do not hesitate if in your family you have the taste of Japanese animated cinema, very famous in the world. If not wait a few months to discover it on DVD, you will look at it twice. Meanwhile, with your 8-10 years, you can bounce on another film: Roman Holiday by William Wyler, the story of an adorable princess (Audrey Hepburn) who can not, too, to be a princess, who wants to love and live and yet will resign herself ...

By Isao Takahata, studio Ghibli, 2:17, from 9 years old.* The tale of the bamboo cutter.

Agnes Barboux